How do I store my Oil / Mist?

Your mist / oil is packaged in a premium amber glass bottle to preserve it’s quality and to protect it from sunlight.  Please keep your oils and mists in a dark cool place.

What’s the difference – Mist or Oil?

The mist is used as a therapeutic deodoriser for your Doggy, and also reduces Doggy smell from room/s and bedding and is made with distilled water.

The oil is applied topically and retains a longer lasting scent, made with a carrier of Jojoba oil that is non greasy and easily absorbed and excellent for the skin.  You would use the oil should you wish to support your Doggy for an imbalance in mood or emotions or to help relieve discomfort from a physical ailment.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of 100% pure essential oils to help alleviate and manage symptoms of various physical and emotional imbalance through both scent and topical application.  Not only can essential oils soothe skin, kill bacteria and reduce pain, they also have great impact on emotional well-being.  Some oils can sedate and calm the mind, boost confidence and reduce anxiety, while others can help focus the mind and be uplifting.

Are essential oils safe for Dogs?

Yes, however only some are safe to use on Dogs and then only in a low dilution and never apply near the Dog’s head, genitals or eyes. Our mists and oils have been blended with safety and comfort for Dogs in mind, a dog’s sense of smell is at least 1000 times stronger than ours so they are much more sensitive to scent, what may smell like the faintest hint of lavender to you, would smell like 100 acres to your Doggy.    Handy hint – rub a drop of the oil over your arms for a day or two first, so your Doggy gets used to the smell before use.

Are your blends certified by an Aromatherapist?

Our blends are created in conjunction with a certified Aromatherapist specialising in Dog Aromatherapy.

Our blends are made to ensure they are safe for Dog’s by following the guidance, information and dilution methods as directed.

There may be some oils that you feel are not safe for Dogs, and this would be true if they are not used with extra caution following safe dilution and guidance such as we do at Doggy Therapy.  Our blends are mixed with our mists and oils to a very low dilution ensuring your Dog is safe.

Please note, all Dog’s (and people) react differently and have different levels of sensitivity.  Test all products first before using on your Doggy by applying to yourself, over their bedding or misting the room.

How much oil do I use?

Rule of thumb – less is more, the smaller the dog, the less you use.  Apply 2 – 6 drops depending on size of your Doggy.  For smaller dogs, around shin height, you would use 2 drops, breeds at or above knee height about 3-4 drops and on the largest of breeds, like Irish Wolfhound or Great Dane 5 – 6 drop.

How often should I use Doggy Therapy mist or oil?

You can use up to 3 times per day, although once to twice per day is recommended.  Do not use more than 5 consecutive days – it is recommended to have a break every now and then.  For Doggy’s with long or thick coats, it can be helpful to run your hand through their coat from back to front and apply at the same time to penetrate into the coat.

How do I apply ‘Relieve’ oil?

Apply up to 3 times per day by gentle massage for several minutes to your Doggy’s affected area.

Our ‘Trauma Oil’ is used as the carrier oil in ‘Relieve’ and it is made up of a blend of three oils that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.  The area to be treated should have the coat trimmed as short as possible (but not too short to expose skin) as this will ensure your Doggy can get the most benefit from the oils.

‘Relieve’ oil is both grounding and comforting and it may also be of great help to Doggy’s who are restless and irritable caused from physical discomfort.

Can I use Doggy Therapy products in an oil burner or electric diffuser?

No.  Our products are specifically designed to be used as a mist or oil for topical use.

What are the general Safety Precautions:

  • Never force a product onto your Dog.
  • Oils should be brushed or massaged into the sides, back and chest (avoid applying directly onto skin). 
  • Do not use on open wounds or surgical sites.
  • Do not use more than 3 times per day and to have a break after 5 days, use only when needed.
  • Never use on pregnant dogs or puppies.
  • Do not apply to Doggy’s genital area, head, eyes or tummy.
  • Do not use on miniature breeds without first consulting the breeder.
  • Our products are 100% natural and should only be used as directed.  Should your Doggy have or show any allergy, be overly sensitive or have an abnormal reaction please discontinue use immediately.
  • Do not let your Doggy lick your hands after applying, always wash hands after use.
  • If your Doggy is suffering from disease or illness, seek your Vet’s recommendation.

If you have questions feel free to send them to our Customer Support Team below.


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